Table name in Doctype?

Hello All:
I want to create new doctype for Suppliers with a certain Supplier Type

I found the a created new table.
Where to handle table name?

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Please provide details what you want to do, first clear your question, so someone can understand and guide you properly.

New form to /query/insert/update/delete only certain supplier type.

Sorry i didn’t get your point yet.

@hnaga it’s hard to understand what you need but I think that the name of the table of the new doctype is based on the name of the new doctype for example: if the new doctype call “Suppliers Type” the name of the table will be “tabSuppliers Type”.

let me explain , lets take employee manager as an example
Manager is an employee of Type “Manager”
you have Employee form to query/insert/update only.
I want to make a new screen only for manager , query/insert/update/delete only employees of Type “Manager”
still all data is in employee table

Can’t you have to screens handling the same table?

You’ve already try read about permissions and roles. I think that you can control all employees with permissions but if you want a new screen go to doctype choose the employee and duplicate and then give the right permissions and let they create, update, delete and etc. When you will save just change the name. but I think that you will need develop some stuffs.

I did that but a mew table was created for Manager.
I need both sceens handle Employee table

Well in this case I guess that you should edit your doctype by code.

where exactly?

In your app.

sure in my app.
which file has the table name to modify?

Yes in your app, first you must know which doctype that you will edit and than build your structure, for example if you want to edit the doctype “Production Order” you should create in your app a module and inside this module you create your “py” file of the "Prodution Order

Thanks , I will check and get bacl