Table of a DocType vs table of a child table

Is there any case where one would want to create a table of a DocType that is not set as “child table?” I had been under the impression it wasn’t possible, but I just noticed it can be done. However I wasn’t able to delete records, so maybe it’s not supposed to be used?

We have it done for a document that is asociated and created with the Payment Entry (it can’t exist without a payment entry), but it is a document by itself and needs a print format. One payment entry can have more than one of this documents.
So we make a childtable in the Payment Entry that uses the Doctype and the only way of create one of this doctypes is with the childtable.

But be careful, this implementations can bring some problems (i don’t remember wichones, we solved them).

Thanks for the input.

Do items in the childtable contain a link to the actual document, or are the items in the childtable the actual document?

No, they are the actual document, that’s the deal. If they were a link to the actual document there should be a child table doctype in betweens.

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