Table Price List

hello , i’m a student a start with nexterp now i need to update price for excel sheet , i need to know table price i see in table tabItem but price don’t existe can any one help me



You should be using Data Import to import data from Excel / CSV.

Hi @drkamine,

welcome! The price is not an attribute of the Item, but a separate record “Item Price”. Make sure you have "Price List"s and then, as described above, used the Data Import to load the Item Price records. The reason for the separate structure is that it gives you much more flexibility (multiple price lists, …), which would be cumbersome if the price was a field of the item (each additional price list would require an additional field).

Hope this helps.

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thank for answer , but i need to import price from my excel or a other programe there’s any way to do it without import /export

If you have it in Excel, the best way is to use the Data Import, why not use it? Otherwise, you will have to code an import script, which is much more effort…