Table Title format in custom DocType

I have created two DocType. One is for child table. Child DocType is linked with other like Sales Order Item is linked with Sales Order.
How to display fields on table title bar like you display Item, Qty, Rate, Amount is Sales Order.
I want to display Total and Lot Number insted of Time, Trip No and Ripe.
Please see screen shot.

You can set In List View property for fields in child table, first 5 fields will be appear in table header.

If you want to customize the default view, you can also add child_doctype_list.html file in parent doctype directory. Check examples for Sales Order doctype, there are 2 files sales_order_list.js and sales_order_list.html to customize the view.

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Hi Nabin,
Thanks for reply, Now I can add fields in table header.
I have one more question.
In child table, I have created one HTML field and write html code in
option. It breaks the doctype. When trying to add row it breaks and
redirects to home page. On console it shows “too much recursion”
Please let me know, can we add html field in child doctype.


I can replicate the issue, html field not work for child table. Can you please raise an issue in github?

In section break field we can set section title and icon before section title(i.e Label and options)
we have this type of feature for column break, then it will help for
me. I need to add some title above column break. If there is any
alternative present then please let me know.

I have created Issue here for ‘html field not work for child table’