Tabs mode design

can we expect tabs design for sections in different documents instead of infinite scrolling down?

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^ :100:

That would be fantastic. I would throw a party if that UI feature became available.

Back in ~2008, I participated in a Customer UI feedback session, hosted by Microsoft. They wanted to know our feedback about “potential UI ideas.”

We sat down at desks, and examined different pieces of paper (yes…paper)

  • Some pieces of paper had UI designs we were familiar with (from Dynamics AX 4.0)
  • Other pieces of paper had vertical sections (like what ERPNext has today)
  • Probably 80% of the room preferred the old designs (I did too)

Fast forward 3 years. Microsoft released Dynamics AX 2012. And guess what the new List Pages looked like? The new, vertical infinite scroll. :man_facepalming:

My theory is they’d already made-up their mind back in 2008. They were just hoping the “customer feedback” agreed with them. Since it didn’t, they just never published the results.

I still miss those tabs.

@Tawfiq_Murtaja it’s a relly long time open issue

I wish one day we can simply have a layout builder for ERPNext, like the Print Format builder, allowing also to include tabs


so lets push for it :face_with_monocle:

I hope there is tab view in invoice screen too like item screen in erpnext 14
the vertical view is too hard to follow