tabVersion table too big and growing quickly

I am testing Frappe to use as a vehicle tracking system. The system will have huge traffic and a large amount of data to store every day (2000 vehicles x 1 entry every 5 seconds).

tabVersion is one of the tables that seems to eat up space quickly. I have disables track seen option on all doctypes I use, thinking it would disable versioning, but the table keeps filling up. How can I disable versioning completely? Or maybe a broader question, do you think Frappe/ERPNext is suitable for such high velocity/ realtime systems?


24,000 inserts/minute is most likely not going to work well with ERPNext using the ORM.

I’m guessing you’re using the API, in which case you’ll want to write your own insert queries, which won’t touch anything else in ERPNext/Frappe.

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