Tags - more detailed information sought

some question about tags

the documentation is not very detailed on that matter

  1. are tags the same throughout all doctypes? i.e. I have a tag “Super” in Customer, will it be the exact Same tag “Super” when I put it on a ‘Sales Invoice’, or a ‘Supplier’
  2. where can I edit existing tags? Let’s say I have tagged 1000 customers as “Supper” (due to a simple typo) while I wanted to tag them as “Super”) where can I find the wrong spelled tag “Supper” and change is to Super


Master is not maintained for Tags. Mostly there are some transactions with typos in tags. You can correct them manually.

hi @umair seems our paths are crossing more frequently lately … pleasure to meet you and thanks for all the feedback from your end. I have a little trouble to understand you completely at times though I have to admit and it is the case here once again.

can it be what you mean is … there is no way to access (and therefore change [like correcting a typo]) a tag for the regular user?

That seems a bit strange to me because they must be somewhere stored in the database, right? Can it be there is just no way to access tags from the browser UI (but if you had the technical knowledge you could edit them directly in the database)?

if that is TRUE, I’d think it would be worth a feature request to enable UI access to tags (otherwise they seem to me more like a thing to play with rather then a solid tool)