Take field value to another form on create new from link type fields

I want to take a form field value to another doctype on create new data.
Here I want to take Division field value on create New District. I have a Division field in the District doctype and set the value here. How can I do this?

That for, you have to create a dynamic field.

@NCP When I go to new District, It will take me to the District form. I want to take Division data on open district from on this action. Will it work in dynamic field ?
I actually don’t need dynamic field. My link field is fixed.

Yes. Please check it.

@NCP I think I cannot give the clear issue. In this video, Its showing how dynamic link works. Its not my issue actually. When I clink in Create new Dstrict form the dropdown, I want to take previous field value to the district form.

Actually, I don’t understand the use case. What do you want?

Do you want to get the district value from the division?

Ok, I added division value. Then I want to add district value form the dropdown, as its a link type, I can create new district from this. When I create New district from the dropdown, it will take me to the new district create form, right? In this new district create form, I want division data here, which I added first in my previous form. Now get it?

Not possible, first you have to save the form and second thing, you have to create a button and write a client script for that. It’s not possible to set data from dropdown creation.