Taking backup for my site with big database

i have been trying to take backup for the database of my site though my database is fairly big
i am having an issue of taking the dropbox whenever i try to take backup manually using the “take backup now button” this error shows in the background jobs:
Work-horse was terminated unexpectedly (waitpid returned None)

i tried increasing the timeout time in dropbox_setting.py
and set the timeout of the enqueue function to None

and lastly this is my change in offsite_backup_utils.py:

this used to work for version 12
but after updating to version 13 the error mentioned above started showing in the background jobs

any help would be appreciated thanks.

Hello sir i get same error when trying to upload to dropbox but without changing in the files so when you found a solution tell me

frappe.integrations.doctype.dropbox_settings.dropbox_settings.take_backup_to_dropbox Work-horse was terminated unexpectedly (waitpid returned None)