Taking donations with Nonprofit domain


I have a fresh setup with Nonprofits domain. I am wondering if it is possible to take donations (payments) assigned to donors, and if so how would I do this?

I would like donations to be linked to donors (of course), but I do not see an easy way for ‘sales’ and ‘donors’ to work together…


I’ve added a donations doctype, which contained a link to a payment entry, and the name of the donor (good for when you want to see all donations that were given not just their donors, if you don’t want this then just set the field in the next instruction for payments). I then added a field to the donor doctype which held in a table all their donations.
However, I’ve hit a dead end with adding payment entries for donors as you can’t add a party type, and even if you get around it (which you can), you cant link a donor to an account, which will cause you to be unable to save the payment because you can’t set the account currency (the reason is something like that but I think I’m a little off).

I didn’t bother to create the donations doctype but running through it in my mind I expecting the issue you’re having right now. I think the nonprofit domain has been created more for the way ERPNext works, less for an organisation which operates like a ‘charity’ where logging and processing donations is primary intention.

I think we’ll need a native ‘donations’ doctype programmed.

I disagree for a few reasons:

  1. The non-profit module is in beta (Looking here shows on that, and that the module isn’t finished either).
  2. Every non-profit accepts donations, whether big or small.
  3. The only issue is that the donor doctype isn’t linked to an account in the way an employee or student is. If this is fixed somehow (I’m going to try something soon this failed) then that problem disappears.

I believe the problems with fixing this will become far easier if the documentation on ERPNext becomes more clear, and the system becomes easier to modify (without the requirement of devmode (or devmode could be enabled in the GUI, and a basic IDE could be integrated)).

I think the nonprofit domain has been created more for the way ERPNext works

ERPNext doesn’t have an inherent flow to the system, anything can flow how you want, it’s just based on how you link different doctypes together. So I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Apparently in QB, a donor would be considered a customer. So for tracking purposes you can just associate a customer profile with a donor profile, and associate the donation to the payment entry (would be nice this can be automated somehow, i.e. if the customer is referenced by a donor profile, then make a donation and ad that as one of the donors, or something like that), and then your good.

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@chabad360 @captainhook If you guys want to contribute here, you are welcome.

Donations seems like WIP

I’m actually gonna start working on in within the next month or so. Depends on how long I get my private cloud in. For now, we are doing the trial, so we are kind of limited.

But I do have a large amount of custom scripts and the like that have been doing the heavy lifting in most areas.