Tally Integration Status


In the Open day presentation for October I had read that we will soon be getting “Tally Integration” for ERPNext. Was just curious to know its status.


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Its on hold for now. Some partners may have done it but I am not sure they are sharing!

Hmmm, That’s not a good News, atleast for people like us who want to migrate but cannot due to various reasons.

Anyways can you give an insight into how it can be achieved, I would like to TRY it.

Just a little follow up. I came across this tool https://xmltocsv.codeplex.com/ which can convert the Exported XML File from Tally to CSV, which would facilitate Import of Data through Import/Export Tool.

But I believe it would still give Horrors to a Co. like us having 6000 (~60% Serialized) Items, ~18000 Ledgers etc.

I hope this is helpful to the Community.


P.S. Export and Conversion of XML Tested on Tally ERP 9 release 3.31.