Task assign to user

PROJECT -----------> TASK ------------ assign to ------- user

when i assign a task to a certain user

he got email like this

From: Notifications [mailto:info@abc.net]
To: abc@abc.net
Sent: Wed, 05 Jul 2017 12:30:57 -0000
Subject: New Message from ameer abdo

You have a new message from: ameer abdo

A new task, Task: TASK00273, has been assigned to you by ameer abdo.

i want the subject of email to be the Task Name
instead of

Subject: New Message from ameer abdo

thanx a lot


You can create the email alert on ToDo, whenever a document is assigned to User a ToDo is created against that document.

actually the TODO the system createtd automatically to the user , no problem in that point .

my quesestion is i just want the user get an email with a sbject name refe to the task name

that set

I believe subject name can be customized if you do email alert as what @makarand_b said.