Task Creation Error

Hi All

When I try to Save Task, It shows following Error!

Duplicate name Task TASK00500
Task TASK00500 already exists

How can I solve this?

Actualy there are 500tasks.
Next task’s name should be ‘TASK501’ but it wont allow me to insert new task!

Please help someone


Thank You @nabinhait for this link
But I couldn’t find/select the ‘Prefix’ for naming series of Task transaction(TASK.#####) .

How can I update serial number for Task?

Any help will be appreciated!

The series for doctypes which have “naming_series” field appears in Naming Series tool.

To resolve the issue, you have to update the series from the database.

To access mysql console run bench --site <your-site> mysql and then run the following query.

update `tabSeries` set current=500 where name='TASK';

Thank you @nabinhait for the solution

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