Task enqueued as Background Jobs

Got this enqueued task on the background job message while submitting a stock reconciliation of Non serialized items.

Until now, I cannot submit the document. What should be the error?

This message also, pops up after closing the first message.

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘./erpnext/locks/68dc0efcf483d0cbcc7e1a35030de0c08a5792b029e9507b4c6ad69d.lock’

Already checked the background jobs, and only saw the failed background job for the email.digest.send

Can anyone help me how to resolve this? Since I cannot submit the stock reconciliation.

Did you ever solve this? I am getting exact same error.


Hi @smakheads yup. Workaround for this is to create a multiple stock reconciliation. Meaning, you need to divide your list of items for adjustment. Since on the above scenario, we are doing an adjustment for a 1000 item code/record which I think is too much detail or information for decoding for the background job.

I hope this can help you.

Thanks - in the end that was my solution, to divide it up into multiple entries.


i am facing similar issue t when i try to cancel it gives me same message of background job queue but there is nothing in background jobs.
i tried this solution but all other entries got cancelled except the one which was failing