Task like in microsoft project


I need a help, if someone can guide me from where I can start to do the following:
What kind of coding (from where I can start) to change the item table to work same as microsoft project management as in the below attachment:

How I can customize the item child table to work in the same way?
Because this is good for project management and the tasks.

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frappe has a Gantt chart it is great to show you date start and end search for it am sure you will like it , if you want the same view as you see in picture you need a custom report you choose the project then it list the data the same way the picture does .

And what about when entering the project tasks in the table?
Have you used Microsoft Project?


i think you want something like this … my friend @random.1 did it like a year or two ago …

but its customization


Yes @ahmadRagheb and @random.1
Any hint how to build this?
From where I can start? Can you give me the main lines.


This looks really cool! If this gets into core, it would be a good addition @random.1

Or if possible to give us headlines how to do it?
Which to be change in frappe or erpnext and so on …

Appreciate your help @random.1

Actually I started directed my attention into the Interface (the look of erpnext) but I am still newbie and does not know from where I can change.

hi Bilal
yes madi told me how to build it , and he is always contributing to ERPNext … i will call him to join the discussion with us . Frappe is easy to customize and do whatever you want with it . its Awesome

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Hi, People…
It’s me @random.1 this was my old account, so it’s easy to build such an addition, what I did is creating a new App and then creating single doctype its name is “Project Gantt” and then I link this Gantt library using Hook as the image below:

and then I start customizing it but using the library APIs → https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__refs__gantt.html

it’s pretty easy if you go through and apply this well-documented library to customize it with your App in ERPNext and link it with the ERPNext projects module.
The problem is, this library is not free, you should purchase it and I think this is a problem where ERPNext team can’t use non-free libraries to be included in the core.


Hello @ahmadRagheb and @ahmed-madi
Wonderful and I am fully thanks for your kindly support and guide. And good luck in your work.

I have another question and looking for a kindly help if possible:
Do you have an idea (at least, if you give me the main line) on how to import Microsoft Project to your Project Gantt or for ERPNext Project doctype?
For example: if we add an import button and we selected the Microsoft Project file, how can we read the content of this microsoft project file in a proper way? Because if we can read the content in a proper way, then we can add it in ERPNext doctype.

Again, I am fully thanks for both Ahmad :slight_smile:


@ahmed-madi this is a sofisticated look for the gantt chart view, is it?

If so this seems to be an enhancement to the existing standard and likewise be beneficial to everybody so it would be nice to merge this into the core code I guess. Would you be able to incorporate this and produce a PR?

Feel free to let us know whether you need any sort of help with this.

Is it Gantt view? I think it is a document that contains this tool same as when we use the child table. I do not think it is a Gantt view. But @ahmed-madi can confirm.


Can you please share you script for gantt chart.

Can anyone please share scrip for gantt chart similar to MS Project