Task Runner problem

I’m new in erpnext community
I want to send email of people have some condition;
I change the hooks.py file:
scheduler_events = {
“all”: [
then created the file apps/my_app/my_app/tasks.py and the write the code :

i executed the commands:
bench builed
bench migrate
bench start
but no sense for the file tasks.py

where is the problem???

Hey @Mariam_A_Ahmed ,
If you only want to send email without any scheduling timing you can use below ,

You can get the sorted emails(some condition) inside that recipient list

def send_mail_custom(recipient,content):
print “Suresh checking******************** send_mail_custom function”,recipient

def send_mail_custom(recipient,content):
             subject="Purchase Order Alert", content=content)


can we run this without hook.py
because i am using frappe cloud hosted erpnext where i am unable to write hook.py
can you help me?