Task Status not updated in Time Log

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate if anyone can help me.

I have added one custom field “Task Status” in Time Log form and I want to show the Status of the Task selected in the Time Log Form.

Custom Field:

Custom Script for the Field:

Time Log Form:

But the problem is that while creating new record I am not able to see the status of the Task in Time Log.

Hi Everyone,
I know its a small issue, but I am stuck up with this, I appreciate if anyone can help me in this regard.

Ruchin Sharma

Try with this code -
cur_frm.add_fetch(“task”, “status”, “task_status”);

Thanks @priya_s but it has already been done.

@ruchin78, in your attachment you trying with cur_frm.add_fetch(“Task”, “status”, “task_status”); but instead of “Task” use “task” and try again.

@priya_s I told you that I have already resolved the problem.
Thanks for your quick response.

Ruchin Sharma

I have one more issue
I want to compare from date to the current date but the from date in Time log is of type datetype.
I appreciate if anyone can let me know how to extract date from from_date which is of type datetype?

Ruchin Sharma

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this code?

frappe.ui.form.on("Time Log", "validate", function(frm) {
var st_date=new Date(frm.doc.start_date);
var fr_date=new Date(frm.doc.from_time);
msgprint(fr_date); --gives null as output
msgprint(st_date); --gives the date

Below is the screenshot from where it should take values.