Task - ToDo - Assigning to Person

We were been using Asana until now, In ERPNext, Is there recommended way to assign a TASK to a Employer/User. When tried to assigned using left side “Assign To” it gets duplicated. Also what is the relation between TASK and TODO. Read document still am i missing to understand how Task works in erpnext?

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Is there any suggested casestudy for usage of Project and Task for team of 25. Software related and Erpnext implementation related projects

Add Customers

Add Projects (Multiple Projects for customer allowed)

Add Task under Project.

Assign Task to User.

Any time assign collaboration feature of frappe is used, ToDo is created and Email can be sent.

You can assign any doctype to users not just Task. E.g. Administration employee can be assigned Quotation to be sent with a memo (Description on ToDo)

ToDo is part of Frappe Desk module and is generated with assignment or can be created without any attached doctype to track overdue things ToDo.

Task is part of ERPNext Project Module

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Thanks @revant_one.

In the below screenshot(from manual) there is a button tor “Time Logs” , but in the system we cant able to find. Is there any configuration for it?

In the new system Timesheets are used.


In the current system to Log time from Task , do we need to open the Timesheet detail and inside we need to search and select the task. Is there any other alternative way to log the time in the task


In our company employee are still use ASANA for project management and I was thinking to update the core ERPNext Project to more “asana” way as a suggestion.

Can you please list some of the feature you believe are missing or improvement you believe are need? (Todo was my first also issue with that) .

Simple Asana with Custom Fields are enough for now. Current TO-DO and Assigning task are very confusing in the way it works.
If we have a simple User Dropdown in Task page it will solve most of the confusion. And current Assign can be used as like Followers in Asana .

Your are right, that “to do” and task is confused … on myself i had the same problem.

at least the “to do” should be the info to an employee, that there is someting new. On first read of the person it is assigned to, this person has to close the “to do”, save it and switch to the task with the button on right top. (if the “to do” is a assigned one from an existing task, you will see a button with the task number on right top to switch directly to this task without searching.

  1. The timesheet - module is standalone - you have to find the right task in the list.
    Because of that, we made an app, which shows a button for timesheet inside the task, also on right top. On klick, the timesheet opens, the infos from customer and project are fetched and the time can logged.
    If you are interested, it was made - i can make a contact.


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@quintact sure we can have a walkthrough and see the possibilities with it.

We are also working on the same scenario and can add Make timesheet button in task such that employee who selects that has his details autofilled along with task’s details within the timesheet. If u have already achieved this scenario then pl do share details

Thanks for reply. At the end we stopped using and developing erpnet, because the timesheet-functionality will not help in our usecase.
I know some more compynies, which needs same usecase, but no chance.
Since the time-log-system is gone (until V7) erpnext is not for us.
Best regards

we have developed a custom solution for a translation company wherein most of the steps like project and task assignment has been automated. Price lists define multiple prices for services, billing and costing. Timesheet can be created directly by the assigned and just needs to change the auto-filled default scheduled date-time to actual ones in case of any change. To-do is just a personal organization or reference for Task. It has been eliminated in our process and timesheets submitted are references in auto-filled sales invoice plus salary slips. If anyone interested then we could do a custom quote?