Tasking from asana integrated with taska

The Todo and tasking in erpnext is cumbersome and rudimentary
Is there any way to do a 1:1 synchronization with asana
This will enable amazing productivity
We should be able to add task in asana or in erpnext
And in either place we should be able to tick off.

Hi @raghu

Trust you’re doing well. While waiting for an integration (which could take a longer period of time), why not also consider highlighting possible areas of improvement in ERPNext? This usually gets quicker attention and also helps the product improve overall


In tasking Todo need these changes
Need daily email sent of the undone tasks
Able to show the dashboard
Add multiple one with enter after each
Less use of mouse
Defaults applied possible

You can create an report, and send this report by email daily!

Will be good open an Issue in github, with some example dashboards you think are fine for ToDo

Indeed, this is an historical issue

Can you give more explanation?

Can you tell me how you did that. I want do Asana integration.