Tasks and Sub Tasks

Hi All,

Is there any way to create sub task under a task in ERPNext?
If yes then how can we create then and to manage task activities if there is any change in parent task timelines?

I want, If there is any change in planned activity for parent task then it should automatically reflect in all sub tasks.
Same case with Project and Task, If there is any change in project timelines then all related tasks should auto update with new timelines.

Is it possible in ERPNext?


in ERPNext there is always a way :slight_smile:

Though you should note, that “Project” in ERPNext is not a tangible term. Inside the giving ERPNext workflow project are created from Sales Orders. This can be as little as selling a custom Item or Service. Further it could be an actual “project” like building a new production plant.

Once you have understood the ERPNext given workflow you will notice, that these subtasks will not be necessary.
We work in the IT service industrie in which it is important to work with many Configuration Items. We have implemted a checklist inside Tasks and Projects to be able to link these were needed. Maybe something like this is the solution on that part?

Tasks will change it’s status automatically once the given due-date is reached. As the due-date for Project is just an estimate, it prob. has no effect on underlying tasks.

any chance to see in detail how this works? Is that mentioned checklist a custom doctype you have created?

Please refer to this article first for further information on configuration items: Inventory Management like CMDB - #6 by wojosc

This would be the checklist in “Project”:

And this would be the checklist for also configuration items and contacts inside “Task”:

This way we are able to quickly add all items which are or could be affected by the task and also second and third party contacts for finding a quick resolution.