Tasks : different tasks status per project

We have set custom tasks status by modifying the “Options” of the “Status” field in the “Task” doctype form. These modifications apply for any projects.

Now we would like to have different tasks status per project.
For exemple, for project number 1 “Dev project” : tasks status may be “Backlog”, “Open”, “Working”, “Pending Review”, “Overdue”, “Closed”, “Cancelled”.
And for “Hardware building project number 2” : tasks status may be “Stock”, “Building”, “Missing parts”, “Done”

Of course if we set the 11 options in the doctype form, all 11 options will show up for both projects and it not desirable.



Thanks for your link @auliabismar, but I can’t find in Workflows how I could set up different Tasks status for different Projects.

there’s a section on condition

Have you figured it out? I am trying also to it, please describe to me what you did to get it.