Tasks not accessible and cannot be added to a project


The Tasks are not accessible for:

  • Task List
  • New Task

And it does not appear in the search.

Check the screen shot:

Also, from within the Projects module, it is not present:

From the Project page, adding a Task is not available.

Please note:

localhost:~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 12.20.0
frappe 12.17.0

This is the Administrator user and never got permission restrictions.

I tried the below as well:

localhost:~/frappe-bench$ bench version

Then used the command:

frappe.reload_doc('projects', 'doctype', 'task', force=True, reset_permissions=True)

Got the response:


Then did:


Still the issue is not solved.

Then I tried to access the URL by manually typing it:


Then got the error in below screen shot:

Will appreciate the help.