Tax calculation in "Quotation" module

Hello, I would like your suggestion for a solution for this.
In “Quotation”, tax calculation is applied for the whole amount and only the total of the tax is reflected in the print, but we want the tax to be applied separately for each item, and the tax to appear in each item column in the print.


You can create the Item Tax Template and assign that to each item code.

This way you will get the tax applied individual items.

You can refer this doc: Item Tax Template


Thank you for your answer

unfortunately I still fail to display the tax amount for each item in the “quotation” print.

Hi @mangroliya

is there a solution for this?

You can handle this on the print format level as well. In the UAE localisation, there is a print format which calculates the tax and displays on the item level, but in a separate table.

Please note that this is old doc and functionality in the upgraded version might be bit different.

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