Tax calculation is wrong

I have a Sales invoice with the following item details.

Here is the tax which is being calculated by the system.

Whereas it should be as follows:

Total Value of items = 4,13,298.62
Tax Rate 5.5%
Tax Amount = 22,731.42

Why is the difference of 0.11 coming? Strangely, the difference is showing up when we have multiple items, as I created an invoice with a single item with the same value, where the tax calculation shows up correctly.

Many related issues are summarized in this issue :

Hello @keshav
Taxes are calculated item by item and are rounded item by item and saved as such. This is where the rounding issues arise. It’s a critical issue and I’m still working on it

Hello @tundebabzy,
Thanks for your reply.
I guess there are more issues in Sales Invoice as @fahimalizain has indicated which need to be looked into .

Yes. A good fix will be merged soon