Tax categories integration using Taxjar or Avalara

Hi All - When shipping across states or to different cities in the U.S., tax rates are based on a number of variables. Is there an integration to work with any of the sales tax calculation solutions such as TaxJar or Avalara?

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I have implemented TaxJar and so far it’s working very well. You have Python libraries, GitHub - taxjar/taxjar-python: Sales Tax API Client for Python 2.6+ / Python 3+

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Taxjar will be the part of erpnext soon.

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love it! Thanks you @vishdha


question, regarding Taxjar and time of sales tax collected.

We run our business based on the Cash method. When we invoice we don’t have to report that as income or pay sales tax yet.

When we receive the money for the invoice that is when we have to pay sales tax.

When I create an invoice it reports that to taxjar and it reports it due for the month i created the invoice.
Is there any way to defer that to when the payment posts?

Thank you