Tax ID not appearing on invoice

i tried to Create a custom field (Ex. tax_id in sales invoice)
Create a custom script and use this line cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”,“tax_id”,“tax_id”);

i am not able to see the same on sales invoice print view.

​it is showing VAT NO as NONE​.

Have you checked your custom field to be visible on print format as well?


@yashodhan… Hi,

i had gone thorough the same. with the help of the Customize Form only i had done… the TAX ID or VAT ID not provided there…

because of that i cant complete the same.


Resolved or not?

sorry for the late reply…

not yet resolved.

can you suggest any other way…?

Hi @ashin

It seems that tax_id is set blank on the sales invoice form, if yes then your script is not working. Custom script code is correct still there is some problem. Can you share screenshot of the custom script, want to know which doctype you have selected.

screenshot already attached in the above message…:joy::joy:

Hi @ashin,

Screenshot of the custom script, anyway it’s working properly on local machine

Custom Script:

Sales Invoice Form View:

Sales Invoice Print Format View:

My print format type is “Server”

print format type is “Server” only…

Hi @ashin,

Custom script and print format is correct. Can you check does it works for new sales invoice.
Also can you check tax id field has a value 123567890 on the sales invoice form for invoice #SINV-00013. It seems that form doesn’t have a value and therefore it’s showing the none value in the print format.