Tax included in basic rate not working in V5

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I like to switch to Version 5 because I like the new design and functionality very much.
I set up an test environment (completely new, no update) and checked the used features in V4.

I habe a problem with the tax rates, especially using the option “tax included in basic rate”.

I use two kind of price lists and two kind of taxes.

  • Consumer price list and consumer taxes (taxes are included in price to show the gross price in order or invoice on any item and show the included tax separately)
  • business price list and business taxes (taxes are not included in price, tax is calculated based on net total.

If I use business price everything is fine. If i try to use consumer price, the item list is calculated fine. The taxes are not calculated correctly and I can not save the sales order.

In the popup of the taxes sometimes the taxes are calulated fine, but not showing right in the sales order.

On the following screens you can see the difference. Also if I try to save, it is not possible. The sales order form only scrolls to top.

Can you please give me any proposal to solve this problem?
Thank you very much

In the following screen taxes are calulated right

In this screen you see the difference in taxes…

@umair can you check and replicate.


Thanks for reporting this issue.

I had item’s tax exclusive rate calculated correctly in the item master. But found another issue in the tax-inclusive feature. More details below.

Dear Umair,

I retried and can reproduce the problem.
In the properties of the used customer I have set the option “Taxes and Charges” to be default as seen in the following screenshot.

After that, I choose this customer on a new sales order. Afterwards all the needed thinks are done (priclists is loaded, taxes and charges are loaded too, but zero by default). So everything is fine.
Next I add a row in the items, select one article. Everything is fine. But if I change the quantity an error occures. You can see my console log in the following screen. If you need further information, please let me know…

Best regards

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

can you give me an answer how to resolve the existing problem?

Best regards

Please update your system. This issue has been fixed.

Hello Mr Mehta,

thank you for your response. I have tested it multiple times and I am sorry, its not working.
If I set the taxes to be included and afterwards add an item I get an error after changing the quantity and leaving this field (scenario 1). If I remove the taxes then everything is fine.

The error also occurs if I do the following. First remove all the taxes. Afterward add an item with quantity → everything is fine. After adding taxes again, an error occurs. In the following screenshot you can see the console result of the scenario1 .

Can you please help me and everyone using this very good feature?

Thanks Thilo

I am having different issues with V5 and selecting “is this tax included in basic rate”
From the Sales Taxes and Charges Master I select "this tax included in basic rate.
I then go to POS and add “item1” which is $10.
The item name “item1” shows up on the sales invoice but the Quantity= 0 and Price = $0.
If I click on “item1” a second time, My POS sales invoice says 2 x “item1” total cost = $10 when it should = $20.
My 10% sales tax and the item price show up correctly but no Grand Total is displayed.
My POS works fine if I don’t select “is this tax included in basic rate”

Any Ideas on how to fix?


@ThiloV fixed the issue

@System19 The above fix has solved your case as well

@nabinhait Thanks so much for looking into and fixing this issue. Its really appreciated. Hope you have great day.

@nabinhait & @rmehta,

thanks a lot for fixing this problem. I checked all the single problems I explained here and tested all with positive result now. So this issue is fixed from my point of view.

Thanks to you!