Tax Module Building


Can anyone help me in building tax module for managing my country taxes?



Hi Sameh,

Can you help with mockup of what are you trying to do?



Hi Prakash,

My idea is to make a check box for each transaction created in ERPNext " JE , Invoice , Bill , Paying payroll ,… " i mean for each transaction has a financial reflection in trail balance.

Once a certain user mark this check box so this transaction will appear in another trail balance " let us say its name is tax trail balance"

This trail balance can be used after exporting to excel to build balance sheet , P&L , cash flow statement & statement of equity changes which are the 4 main accounting statements.

BZW , we are not helping people to evade the payment of taxes we just help them to appear whatever documented transactions only as tax authorities do not approve transactions without official documents.



Any updates please ?