Tax Rate grouped by value

I see there is an option to show tax break-up but I’d like to show VAT for each type as a number.

Currently, when Item 1 has 20%VAT, Item 2 has 10% VAT, Item 3 has 10%VAT, the total VAT is a sum of all 3 VAT numbers. Like this:

Total (excl VAT): $1000.00
VAT@10%: $65.00
Grand Total: $1065.00

What I’d like to achieve is something like this:

Total (excl VAT): $1000.00
VAT@10%: $10.00
VAT@20%: $55.00
Grand Total: $1065.00


1.Select Tax Account and Tax Rate in item master.

2.Create Tax Template selecting required Tax Accounts with Zero rate.

3.Select the Tax template in transactions.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @prakash_hodage! It works:) This should go straight into the ERPNext documentation.

maybe you could help me also with Fetch Item Tax Rate?
That is the last step with VAT. Apart from grouping tax rate by value I need to show VAT rate for each item in percentage, i.e. new column VAT saying 4%, 5%,…for each item.

The best I could do is:

but that text is rather ugly :slight_smile: How do I fetch just a number? I can also do a custom print format but I don’t know which field has just the VAT Item value…