Tax rate in Purchase order is being fetched based on the Supplier and not Item in ErpNext 14


I am having issues in creating purchase order where the rax rate is being fetched based on the supplier and not by the tax rate assigned to the item in that purchase order. For example I have a purchase order where one PO will have multiple items with multiple tax rates (For example 12%, 5% and 18%. In version 13, I was able to add the tax in individual items and when I would add the item it would calculate the taxes based on the tax assigned in the item but in version 14, I see the moment I enter the supplier the purchase taxes and rates are updated even before the item was added. How can I have the tax rates not updated when the supplier info is entered rather when the item is entered.

I see my configurations are correct but if not, please help:
This is how my item tax template looks like:

Here is how the Purchase order looks like: (where it fetches 18% and I don’t want that to be updated yet)

Here is the tax rate assigned to the item that I want to be updated when the item code is inserted:

Here is how it looks when the item code is entered: (Tax is still showing 18% where as it should be 12% in this case, the rate didn’t update after entering the item code)

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

Has anyone encountered this issue in version 14?


I am really stuck here and would appreciate if someone can shed some light. @revant_one @snv @JayRam have you guys come across this issue or is this a bug in version 14? Can you please direct me to a solution? I am not able to move forward because of this. Please see my post above for the details of the issue I am encountering in setting of Tax for individual items.

Thanks guys for your time in advance.