Tax round calculation bug?

we noticed that the tax calculation may not be accurate. For example, we have a
Amount before tax: 64,80 → 19% Tax → 12,312 Tax (but 12,32 is shown) → Total should be 77,11 (and not 77,12)
Why is it rounding to the upper cent? Is it a way to solve it? We had a claim regarding this.

I think all rounding is not upper. Can you post an issue for this.


Can you reproduce this issue in by entering similar values?

The round method seems to be working properly.


I have reproduce this error :
With amount of 36.50$ and tax of 5%

1.825$ of tax, ERPNext show 1.82 (normaly is rounded to 1.83)

This problem arrive with other amount sometime upper sometime lower

This issue has been fixed in v4