Tax Rules Based On Suppliers Group Not Working

i have created supplier groups for specific tax rates say 18%, 12%, 5% Instate and Outstate Total 6 Groups.
Also created Tax and Charges Templets Total 6 Different Templets.
Through Tax Rule assigned each group one Templet.
So for Tax Category Instate 3 Tax rules &for Tax Category Outstate 3 Tax rules Created.
In Supplier Master Proper Tax Category Is Also Assigned…
While creating PO desired Tax templet for specific group of supplier is not fetched as per pre defined Tax Rule … What can be reason???
No item Tax is defined in system…
Can anyone help

Have you set up the GSTIN number for your company and suppliers? That could be causing an issue. Check this link to know more about the setup.

Hope this helps.

Thx for info,
In this link there is no role of Tax Rule and also not clear if we have multiple GST legers based on %rate
Too many settings…
In common GST tax ledger how to sort different tax rates??

All tax report there is GST% column so IMO no need for different % wise GL required

but in Sales and Purchase register it is only ledger based and tax percent column is not included,had that column been there then probably single ledger would have been ok…at present we are not sure…

IMO we never need % column in GL and we only use amount to reconcile with sales/purchase/GST report.

And I think no way to add % in singal GL, so better to create separate GL as required

Can you help in my original problem?.
In creating PO, Tax and Charges temples are not fetched as per Tax rule created…On purchase side we have total six tax types…