Tax Template Applies to All Companies

I created a tax template as default to company X in the Sales Taxes and Charges Template, but it applies as default to all companies…???


-For example -If you created Two company C1 and C2
-when you create “Sales Taxes and Charges Template1”,that time you select Respective company
(i.e C1)and save that template.
-if you create another template2 by keeping another company(C2) then it will be applicable to C2 company.

  • while creating sales order or sales invoice ,if you select company C1 then only template1 will get search inside "Tax"link field.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

I want tax template is ONLY applied automatically by DEFAULT to company C1, but not to other companies.

But if I check sales tax template as default, then this template is applied automatically too to other companies.

How to achieve this?

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Actually ,either you select Default or not while creating Tax Template .
It will take respective Tax template which is assigned to respective company wile creating order.

For example:-
-If you create two tax template for company C1 without keeping Default option
then while creating order or invoice you select that C1 company and go to “Tax” field
it will search only that Tax template.

  • If you create another tax template 3 for C2 by keeping as Default or not then while creating order or invoice you select that C2 company and go to “Tax” field
    it will search only that Tax template3.

Yes I know…what I want to achieve is tax template to be applied by default to company C1 so user of company C1 doesn’t need to go to tax field and select respective tax template of company C1.

If I check IsDefault for tax template of company C1 then it applies automatically in sales invoice but unfortunately this tax template of company C1 is also applied automatically to company C2 eventhough the template is assigned to company C1.

So it seems if I check IsDefault in the template then it will apply to all companies regardless the company…

Oh. I got it. But currently this is not happening like that.
I think,you select it manually.
Otherwise Raise this on github.