Tax type in item tax table on new line

{% for item in doc.items %}
    <tr>{% set this_item=frappe.get_doc("Item", item.item_code)%}
      <td width="10">{{ item.idx }}</td>
      <td width="20">{{ item.item_code}} / {{item.gst_hsn_code}}<br>{{ item.description }}</td>
      <td width="35%">
	{% for itax in this_item.taxes %}
		{% for dtax in doc.taxes %}
			{% if dtax.account_head == itax.tax_type %}
				{{ '-'.join(dtax.account_head.split('-')[:-1]) }} @ {{ itax.tax_rate }}%
			{% endif %}
		{% endfor %}
	{% endfor %}

Produces this

I need help in modifying this so that the code produces

That is each new Tax head on new line…

Help will be appreciated.

inserts a line break.

{{ ‘-’.join(dtax.account_head.split(‘-’)[:-1]) }} @ {{ itax.tax_rate }}%

Can you try accommodating it in the above line?

did get it.
can you please elaborate or paste the code pls ?

awaiting help

Can any one write this small code for me ?
Help will be appreciated.