Tax With Holding (TDS) on Partial Payment Against Purchase Order

I want make partial payment entry against purchase order and apply tax with holding for tds on Paid amount only. But whenever I make payment entry against PO Tax With holding applies on Whole Basic Amount in PO.
Please let me know if anyone have any solution for this.

Hello @Akshay312

There is a solution for this.
If you want to deduct TDS on the partial payment/advance payment, that can be using payment entry doctype.

Create a PO and save and submit the PO (Apply tax withholding amount must be deselected at the PO stage)
After this create a payment entry from the same screen- on this screen, in the advance taxes and charges option box, enter the tds details- get into the edit option of the field>type must be actual>account>tds payable>enter the tds rate and amount>save and submit

After this when you will pass a pr/pi, adjust the balance tds amount accordingly through the same field and the accounts will get knocked off automatically during the final payment.

Please try this and let me know if it works.
Thank you.