Tax withholding Category (for....Selling Module)

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I want to know about Tax withholding category for customer (selling module). Is there any way to show same option (in sales invoice) to add/deduct tax amount as in purchase invoice?

Actually I want to solve this simple scenario at SI.

Suppose I sell 10 items @ rate of 10,000 = 100,000
GST 18% = 18,000
GST Tax wittheld (20% aginst 18000) = (3,600)
IT Tax withheld (4.5% against net.T 100,000) = (4,500)
Grand Total = 109,900

Any solution with sales invoice-screenshot would be appreciated. Thanks

Experts…please help to solve this. Thanks

You can use negative rates in the sales tax table. Does that solve the need?

If not, you could analyze how the Purchase Invoice works in “Customize Form” in the “Purchase Taxes and Charges” table and see if you can duplicate its functionality in the “Sales Taxes and Charges” table in the Sales Invoice form.

Setup sales tax charge template with negative rates for WHT to get result per the snapshot. Hope this helps

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