Taxable and non taxable items in the same sale order or sale invoice US businesses


I have a scenario in the US the tax rate can be different per customer just for living in a different city, to accomodate that I created taxes templates:


then I assigned those templates to the customer via tax rule

that takes care of the taxable items, but the issue comes when I mix taxable and NON taxable (tax 0%) items. in this documentation link states that when a tax is configured at item level it takes precedence and it is not happening,

when I create a sales order or invoice mixing taxable and non taxable items. it is taxing all of them based on the customer tax rule, and it is ignoring the tax 0% I set in the item tax table at the Item master for the non taxable items.

ITEM “Reimb Group” supposed to be taxed at 0% rate.

am I missing something? hopefully somebody could help, thanks

@alexsilva, you need to add in your tax template the account ‘2300 - Dueties and Taxes - MyLRS’, without that, taxes will not be applied for that item.

thank you very much! I got it,

@alexsilva Did this solution work for you? I have tried without luck. Thanks