Taxes and Charges description width when printing

I use a relatively long description for a charge I apply on invoices/sales orders. This prints as a narrow column, and usually causes the invoice to require a second page.
I have tried editing the field width (from 300px to 800px, to 60%…) yet this seems to have no effect.
I have also ticked the box (under time sheets table) “Timesheet Detail”, but this also isn’t working. My intention is to make these changes standard for all invoices,
I’m clearly doing something wrong, but I don’t understand what.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Creating Custom Print Format will help you assign more spaces for the taxes lot more faster. Defining width only works for the child tables. But in the Print Format, amount of taxes is printed in the main page, and not in the child table.

please try new/custom print format for your requirement.

In spite of careful searching, I confess that I am lost…
In Setup:Print Format, I have a list of DocTypes.
Some list “Print Format Type” (js, server), others do not.
Some show html coding, others do not.
Am I in the right place? Can I duplicate an existing DocType as a guide? When I create a new doctype, it seems to be blank.
Are these saved somewhere as .html files? If so, is css embedded? Can i edit such a file directly?
I’m certain that once i grasp the concept, I’ll have a facepalm moment, and feel bad for having take your time.
Thank you again

Hope this gives some clarity on print format functionality.

I do appreciate you trying to help me. However, I’ve watched, and re-watched, Session 2: Making DocTypes I, and Session 3: Making DocTypes II. And I am still lost. In session 3, Rushabh pulls up sql queries from somewhere, but never explains whence.
From these video tutorials, it seems that I have to define each field by label/type/name/options…
DocTypes are obviously stored somewhere… flat files? In MariaDB? Where? It boggles the mind if I am to understand that i cannot duplicate an existing doctype, and make the necessary changes to that, rather than having to build everything, including html and css from scratch.
At minimum, if i could reference all the data in the standard invoice doctype (from file or sql dump, wherever it may reside), it would make creating a form from scratch much easier, if that is indeed necessary.
I’ve tried also mysql tool from bench, but I get error: /usr/bin/mysql: unknown variable ‘performance_schema=off’

Thank you.