Taxes and Charges effect on Item Price

I could use clarification on how Taxes and Charges are factored into BOM cost.

I am trying to determine how much I should charge for my final product, which is a BOM with several parts in it. If I go to my BOM sheet, I can see the Item prices listed based on one of three rules: Valuation, Last Purchase Price, or Price List.

My issue is that when I order Items, a good portion of their cost is in the shipping charge (cheap parts from overseas), which is not included in my Price Lists (which are used to create POs), and I don’t believe it are captured in Valuation or Last Purchase Price either. The same issue would apply if there are taxes or duties associated with the purchased Items.

I’m not sure how to resolve this, but I’m thinking that an extra column could be added for each item in the BOM table that would include Taxes and Charges on a per-item basis following the same pricing Rate of Materials Rule.

I’m not sure if this is a feature anyone would need except for me, but an item’s purchase price is often only a portion of the total cost to get it to our warehouse, and we’d like to be able to capture those costs when trying to price our products. Alternatively, you could argue that the BOM isn’t the correct place to be determining selling prices and a better tool/app could be developed to help with determining the selling price of goods. Any thoughts?

Yes, I think BOM is not the right place to determine selling price whether are talking about tax inclusive price. Because, taxes and shipping charges can be varied based on customer’s location and different selling criteria. You should create selling Price List to maintain the item’s selling price and there you can maintain different price list based on different criteria.