Taxes and Charges expense? income?

So I’m a little confused by the Taxes and Charges section when going through a Sales process. Specifically Freight and Forwarding charges. In the Flow of SO->DN->SI.

When I create a Sales Order, I would like to add a shipping and handling fee to charge to my customer. I would think I would add it to taxes and charges as Freight and Forwarding Charges. But Freight and Forwarding is an expense account. So this doesn’t make sense.

Delivery Note makes more sense. As I ship my products, I have to pay a shipping fee so Freight and Forwarding works.

Sales Invoice is the same as Sales Order. My sales order has the freight and forwarding charge on the printed invoice that makes it seem like freight and forwarding would be an income. It’s even copied over from my DN when I created the Sales Invoice. But it’s an expense. At this point it should be an income.

Is there a work around to this?


Do you charge your Customer for Freight and Forwarding Charges? If yes, then you should add it in the Sales Invoice and have it booked in the income account?

On receipt of bill from Freight and Forwarding Charges, you will create another Purchase Invoice and expense for Freight and Forwarding will be booked then.