Taxes and Charges per Item based

I’m wanting to develop is the ability to apply a tax template to the item instead of having to enter all the taxes/rates on each individual item. If, for example, you have 100 items with different taxes it does not make sense to have to enter the individual taxes and rates on those 100 items and have to maintain them as they change over time. If you could simply select a tax template on the item it could pull all that from the template for each item and there would only be one place to have to update a rate or add/remove a tax.

We need this feature. If you can guide how we can implement also try to work and contribute to ERPNext and we are new to the system. Can we know this feature is implementing in ERPNext?



Please refer to ERPNext - Managing Taxes - YouTube

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This seems to be a cumbersome and complex way to do item-wise taxes. Why not just allow a tax code be specified per item?


Sorry as this feature is not available for now. Also, it won’t be very efficient to apply taxes, if there are multiple taxes applied on it.