Taxes and Charges revisited

If I am correct, the basic approach to Taxes and Charges has not changed/updated, I believe since the basic design of ERPNEXT (or al least not since the 4 years i am using the system.)

There are some shortcomings, i believe:

  • Taxes /charges cannot be calculated on an quantity, which may be the case for petrol or water billing, or charges for transport
  • Also users may want to calculate a tax/charge but does not want to include that in the total amount of the invoice (eg a reversed tax charge, or delivery cost that are booked but for customer the delivery is free,…)

In Brazil (@max_morais_dmm) things seems to be very complex

May be you can add your ideas here how the present functionality could be extended, in such a manner that the end-user may calculate taxes/charges without going into custom scripting

@becht_robert, I’m using a custom table with a custom logic to store brazilian taxes, but, recently I saw that the team splitted the controller that calculate the taxes, what turn it much more flexible.

In fact I cannot fit brazillian taxes in the actual scheme, but the tax rule can help you in case of qty. But dont have another way instead of coding!

Edit: With the new scheme you can avoid the actual scheme and fit you own logic!