Taxes and Discount based on Customer Group

Hi All,
We would like to ask if ERPNext could implement the following requirements coming from the Philippine tax bureau (BIR):

  • Members of non-PWD/SC customers needs to be taxed with 12% VAT and will not be discounted for a service item.
  • Members of PWD/SC customers will have their 12% VAT deducted and will have 20% discount from the base price of the service item.

We have the following setup:

The problems are:

Thank you very much!

You can try to achieve this with Tax Category

Hi Pawan,
I’ve tried adding PWD/SC Tax Rule and Tax Category, but picking Generic PWD still doesn’t change the POS/Sale Invoice (with POS Payment) Sales Tax and Charge automatically

Copying the instruction from Tax Category/Rate from the link you’ve provided:

  1. Create an Customer which groupped as “PWD/SC”
  2. Create a new tax template for PWD/SC customers (0% rated):
  3. Create a new tax rule with the above as Sales Tax Template, which is only applicable to “PWD/SC” customer group:
  4. Create a new tax category for above rule:

Checking if the changes was applied:

For my example above, it copies whatever Sales Tax and Charge was setup on POS Profile and not being overridden by Tax Rules.