Taxes and expenses on products import(from another country)

Hi! I’v got some trouble with setting up template of taxes and expenses for import products from another country.
First to explain how is it after what I’v done in erp and what’s wrong with it. I use 3 currencies: main MDL (Moldova lei), EUR (Euros) and USD (USA dollars) - as second.
Our country import procedures are next:
a. Buying price ( acquisition price in EUR)
b. 0.4 % - Customs procedures ( is apply on buying price (a+b))
c. Freight and Forwarding Charges (is in EUR and is different amount every time(a+b+c))
d. “first in” tax - 100 MDL ( It’s an fix tax (a+b+c+d))
e. VAT 20% ((a+b+c+d)+e)
f. Bank transfer 35 EUR (((a+b+c+d)+e)+f)
g. Broker tax 550 MDL (((a+b+c+d)+e)+f+g)
Something like this.
I make b,d in Accounting chart > Source of founds > Current liabilities> Duties and taxes (Customs 0.4 %, VAT 20%) and set them as tax and rate as well( 0.4 ; 20 ).
Others I set in Accounting chart > Expenses> Indirect Expenses, set for them different currencies.
First I tried to make an Purchase Taxes and Charges Template - and got first issues - the same currencies on all taxes and expenses( but I set them different, and set Currency Exchange for all of them ).
Second, when I try do make an Purchase Order and select the template bellow - I got the same issue with currencies, doesn’t count and some time even doesn’t show rates of b and e, and even when a don’t select the template and add them one by one…
1st Am I doing it write – maybe I don’t need an template and if it yes how it should look?

2nd What’s the trouble with adding currencies, amount and rates right away in Purchase order(I cleared the cache with ctrl+shift+r, using chrome)
Help me please, I killed a few days on this already…

Hi Maxim
I am wondering if you found a solution or how do you mange this kind of topic?
I face the sam eissue with Import tax if I import from outside the EU. However I face the problem of getting this date correectly in the System and later out for the needed reports.