Taxes & Charges in Purchase Invoice with Valuation

Hi ERPNext Heros,
I have been struggling to find out the option of Taxes & Charges application in purchase invoice with reference to the documentation available in ERPNext: Consider Tax or Charge For
Looks like the option of “Consider Tax or Charge for” option is no more there in Purchase Tax and Charges Template. I have the following scenario to achieve:
Purchased an item worth 100,000 and the Freight is added -11,000 by the supplier which I am paying, so ultimately, I am paying 89,000 to the supplier. I can’t create an invoice with 100,000 and add Landed Cost Voucher separately to calculate the Valuation. I need to add -11,000 in the invoice and want to calculate the valuation on 89,000, not 100,000.
Can someone help me, I am using v12.8.4

If you don’t want to include the freight charges on your invoice, you can pass a JV and put the details in Remark section for your future reference.

Adding the amount on the invoice is going to have some repercussions.