Taxes from Item Tax Template not being applied on Sales Invoice

Hello. I’m new to ERPNext. Just trying to get expertise on the platform, but I’m facing multiple Issues. Regarding taxes on sales, I’m trying to apply two taxes over an item with no luck. Scenario is this: Products can have different taxes, most of them have only IVA (VAT) 16% but several also have something called IEPS at 8% rate. I’m trying to see how ERPNext can handle this, so I downloaded a production VM image. Set it up, created a new company, imported a basic Chart of Accounts with just the necessary accounts to try to understand what’s happening (can share if needed), established account defaults on the company, created two Item Tax Templates for the aforementioned taxes and an Item with the two tax templates added to it, created a customer, created a Stock Reconciliation to add some existences and created a Sales Invoice.

I’m finding several errors (I’ll report separately) but the most difficult to deal with is the fact that the taxes are not being added to the form correctly. Only the first of the two assigned Item Tax Templates is being loaded and it shows a rate of 0(%) although the tax amount is calculated correctly.

I also tried creating an Item Tax Template with the two taxes added to it, but in this case, on the Sales Invoice, no tax is added at all on the Sales Taxes and Charges section of the form. Most weird thing is that if I update the item to include the two original Item Tax Templates instead of the one containing both taxes, no tax is added to the form, contrary to the original behavior where at least one tax was added to the form.

Unless Item Tax Templates works (this is, per item taxes can be added to the sale, not only Sales Taxes and Charges templates, which works at the whole Sales Invoice level), ERPNext doesn’t seem suitable for my local market (Mexico and probably the rest of Latinamerica where things works mostly the same way) because government regulations now requires taxes to be recorded on a per product basis on the Sales Invoice.

Hope someone can point me to the right direction if I’m doing something wrong or otherwise help me to find a solution to this. I really want to become an ERPNext expert but cannot get past this and some other bugs I’m finding.


An update on this matter:

I just tried again with the two taxes template and it worked this time, with the detail that it shows 0(%) rate for both taxes. The trick was to select the right company on the Sales Invoice page before clicking the “New” button. Having two or companies on the same instance of ERPNext doesn’t seem to be helping me to understand the platform :grin:

I am also facing same issue in version13 and it’s working on version12.

When I create sales invoice from sales order then all taxes and charges template not coming from sales order.

Any update on this?? I’m facing same issue. 0% is the rate that is fetched and displayed in Sales Invoice from Item Tax Template.

Did this issue get resolved?