Taxes included as x*y not as x*(1-1/(1+y)). Possible?

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I’m evaluating your nice job here to migrate from odoo. :smiley:

I was taking a look on the taxes section and could not find a way to include the taxes as x*y.

Price of service: 100
Taxes: 10% = 10
Price of service (net): 90

I could no accomplished to do that. What I get is a tax value of 100-100/1,1) = 9,09 (instead of 10)

Is this possible?

Thank you!

There is a check box in taxes and charges child table. Is this tax included in basic rate

Is this what you’re looking for?


@revant_one, it is but the calculation made on the gross value.

What i’m looking for is this option but with direct calculation. Like 10% of 1000 of gross value equals do 100, and not 90,9 :slight_smile:

I’m not getting your point …if your price includes tax and u check the option suggested by @revant_one the net_price is 90,9 (100 tax 10% included) …or, if you prefer: price = 110 => 100 net price + 10% tax.

If you need, you can uncheck the flag and in that case: price = net price… so if you have price = 1000, tax = 10% …your final price will be 1100 …

@JoEz, I took a look on these 2 behaviors, but what I’m trying to get is a gross price of 1000 with taxes included showing 10%=100. :slight_smile:

Gross price …you mean tax included?

as @revant_one mentioned you can check “tax included in basic rate” and in the rate field the percentage can be [x%/(1-x%)]

Eg in your case it is 10%, so in the rate field you can enter 10%/(90%)=11.11111%

It is just a simple workaround I can think of.

@JoEz, yes…

@riddhimaan, I thought doing this too :slight_smile:

@riddhimaan, if I use 2 taxes, I can’t use this workaround. :frowning:

With one:

With two:

I’m not sure you’re doing the right thing …in erpnext u can create Sales Taxes and Charges Template for each tax and you will get shown tax amount for each template

@JoEz, when I use one tax line only, the returned value is correct, but if I put 2 or more lines, that happens. :frowning:

In that case you would have to do reverse calculation. It would be 10/80 = 12.5% for both line items.

Say both rates are different eg. first row is 5% and the other as 10% then you would have to enter 5/85 = 5.882353% for line one and 10/85 = 11.764706% for the other.

You can create templates based on same and repeating invoice amount workings. This is also just a workaround to get things going on the system.

@riddhimaan, thanks! But I’ll try to use like that… but it would be great if I could extend this programming. Do you know if it is possible to?