Taxes not getting applied

Hello Team

Here is the scenario

Item A and Item B fall under 5% GST, while Item C falls under 18% GST.

So I have created Sales Taxes and Charges Template accordingly and have applied an Item Tax Template for Item C.

In the sales order containing these three items, as soon as I add Item C, the table ‘Sales Taxes and Charges’ gets auto populated (as Item C has been provided with the Item Tax Template). [Pic below]

However, in order to apply tax rates for Item A and Item B, as I select corresponding Sales Taxes and Charges Template, it completely over-rides the Item Tax template of Item C and tax rate from the sales taxes and charges template are applied to all the three items. [Pic below]

Am I wrong in my approach? Please advise.

Thank you.

if you want to use seperate tax for some item .then please add tax and tax rate in master

system will take tax from item master first if tax rate is mentioned in item master. otherwise it takes from taxes and charges template

Thanks for the reply. Although it works but I think it is just a work around.

Sales taxes and charges template is useful when you the same rate is applicable on all the items in the order/invoice. And if some of the items have different tax rates then item tax templates can be used. However, applying item tax templates to each item (through the master) will make sales taxes and charges templates redundant.

sorry, i am using ERPNext: v11.1.46 (master)

i think item tax template available only in version 12 only