TDS at the time of payment - TDS means tax deducted at source

Actually i have to deduct TDS at the time of payment.Is there a way to deduct TDS during payment in ERPNEXT.See below snap shot:

The Unallocated Amount Rs 680 should go to TDS Account.


Please refer the following link to know TDS setup in ERPNext:

Hope this helps!

The TDS setup help is not relevant as setup is missing 2 option settings or check boxes:

  • withhold by invoice date or payment date
  • withhold by company fiscal year or calendar year

In our case we need to withhold by payment date (current setup only allows invoice date) and by calendar year (current setup only allows fiscal year which for us is NOT calendar year).

Changing TDS report queries is simple if someone can point where they are.

Changing withholding to be recorded at payment entry like discount or exchange gain/loss to payable account rather than at invoice is a little more complicated, but also doable. Can somebody point out where exchange gain/loss button and logic code is to replicate for TDS?