Teaching whole ERPnext

Can anyone teach me whole ERPnext??

I will pay You.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kiranmai
You can learn from here https://frappe.school/courses
Thank You!

Thank you @Mohammadali

But when iam trying to clone whole erpnext project from github at where my friend push whole erpnext project, iam getting errors.

Please help me If you know.

Thanks in advance…

wouldn’t it be better to just start with the ERPNext basics, before you are cloning and modifying the whole project?

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@Kiranmai Please share me screenshot

@Mohammadali Please share the procedure to do??

ERPNext (erpnext on frappe’s github) is installed after installing a bench (frappe-bench on frappe’s github) and then the frappe app (frappe on frappe’s github), which normally is installed with the bench. So you can’t install and use ERPNext without the “bench” which includes “frappe” app.
There are several installation instructions for all these which you find via the entry page of these archives on github.

Maybe you did all these already, but maybe not, it’s not exactly clear to me from your very short descriptions.

The couses and the LLE linked above are indeed very useful once you have an instance of erpnext on top of bench+frappe running.

All this together will take you a long way already.